The Spettacolo Sportivo Alfa Romeo 2017 takes place at the TT circuit near Assen Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of August. The venue opens to the public from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days. If your Alfa applies for the mandatory scrutineering you can enter earlier, information will be provided after registration.
The paddock is open to Alfa Romeos from SCARB members, invitees and foreign guests only. Registration is not required. Members need to show their club card. After entering the venue follow the directions of the SCARB volunteers. They will be wearing orange shirts or sweaters. Cars from other brands or Dutch non members can be parked at the field just outside the track.
Upon presentation of their club card SCARB members get free entrance for two adults and two children up to 12 years. Non members pay 18 euros per day or 24 euros for a weekend pass. Children up to 6 years enter for free. Members of foreign Alfa clubs get a discount upon presentation of a valid 2017 club card.
Venue rules do not allow bringing animals. Even if they are kept in your car. The rules are strict, those who bring their dog or any other pet will be denied entrance or if the animal is found inside, removed from the venue. More venue rules can be found under 'What can and can't I bring to the track' at
If you want to register as a SCARB member see us at the Welcome Center just before the gate and tunnel, we have a special offer. Membership includes a glossy, full color comprehensive quarterly magazine.
For SCARB members: both Alfas need to be registered in the name of the member and should show up at the gate together. All Alfas with foreign license plates can enter.
Only SCARB members and foreign guest with an Alfa Romeo can register for track sessions.

In the registration process please take note of the requirements and the days the track sessions take place. If you want to enter more than one car fill in a separate form for each car.

The fees for the track sessions on this website apply for online registration and instant payment. If you have registered but not payed in time you can pay at the Registration Desk (Inschrijfbalie) in the Media Center. There will be an extra charge.

Online registration closes in the night from August 13th to 14th (take into account your time zone!). Ultimately August 13th your payment must be credited to bank account NL29INGB0686711386 (BIC INGBNL2A) in the name of Stichting Club Alfa Romeo Bezitters stating 'Spettacolo 2017' and your name.

For the Alfa 155 parade registration is not required.

Click the 'Register now' button and fill in the form. Be sure to write your email address correct, that is the address we send the confirmation to. No confirmation email received? Check your spambox.
Make sure that your payment will be credited by August 13th. International banking transfers can take more than one day. Only after receipt of your payment your registration is final. In case of receipt of your payment after August 13th no confirmation email will be sent. Please see us at the Registration Desk (Inschrijfbalie) in the Media Center.
Also during the Spettacolo weekend you can register on site at the Registration Desk in the Media Center. However, sessions may be sold out.
It depends on the type of te track session, see the description under DO.
No race track in Europe allows children under 16 in the car. The Spettacolo offers a unique exception: the Gruppo Bambino. See the description under DO.
The mandatory scrutineering applies for the Scuderia en Track Training (Circuittraining) sessions.
Please contact if you're not able to show up for the scrutineering in time.
The briefing is mandatory for drivers AND passengers. After the briefing you get the window stickers and wrist bands. Without these items you will not be allowed to enter the track. In case you registered for more than one session you have to attend only one briefing. You will receive all the window stickers you need. There is an exception for the Gruppo Bambino, the procedure is different from the others. Therefore drivers and (adult) passengers must attend this briefing in any case. For the Alfa 155 parade the briefing is not required.
The Briefing Room is located in the Press Conference Room, the Registration Desk (Inschrijfbalie) in the Media Center, both above the pitboxes.
Passengers, like partner, son or daughter, have to attend the briefing too because of the possibility to swap places during the session. The only place where this can be done is the pitlane. It is not possible to access the pitlane from the paddock , so those who want to take over the steering wheel need to enter the track as a passenger first.
In general damage to the car that has arisen on a track or during a speed event is not covered by the car insurance. Some insurance companies apply exceptions. Pre-notification may be required so it is best to check with your insurance company in advance.
Check of booking sites like or for suggestion for places to stay.
A refund of the fee for the track sessions is possible if the following two conditions are met:
- two weeks in advance ultimately a notice of the cancellation is sent to, and:
- there's a valid, verifiable and unavoidable reason for the cancellation.

There will be no refund in case:
- the registration was in violation with the demands and conditions as stated in our publications (like this website).
- the car is denied track entry because of failing the mandatory technical scrutineering or the car has been removed from the track because it produced too much noise.
For questions regarding registration and sessions: Other questions, suggestions and remarks regarding the Spettacolo Sportivo: Questions about the SCARB Alfa Romeo Owners Club: For final updates see:
This text has been written in June 2017. All information is subject to changes without prior notification.