Spettacolo Sportivo - August 19th and 20th, 2017

The Spettacolo Sportivo Alfa Romeo celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Alfa 155

The Alfa 155 saw daylight January 1992 so this year the model turns 25 years old. Ercole Spada was responsible for the design that shows some elements of its predecessor 75, like the figuration of the headlights and the wedge-like shape of the body. Technically, on a platform shared with many other models from the Fiat company, it was a very different car.

The transaxle and rear-wheel drive layout were abandoned, which already happened to the 164. A permanent rupture with Alfa's sporty character? Not exactly, with the 155 Alfa once again created a swift and (especially the later 'wide body' versions) eminent steering family car. The V6 performed seriously well while the Q4 was an absolute beast. With the 155 GTA and 155 V6 TI (both 4WD) Alfa Romeo relived the
glorious years from the past in touring car championships like DTM, Superturismo, BTCC and ITC.

On the road the 155 has become a rare appearance. At the Spettacolo you will see quite a few examples. We will create a nice line-up with a diversity of versions. All 155s present can enter the track for a parade lap. The showcases for the Alfa Romeo Miniatura exposition in one of the pit boxes will feature 155-models of all kinds.

Online registration closes the night of August 13th/14th (take into account your time zone!). You will also be able to register on site at the Registration Desk (Inschrijfbalie) in the Media Center, but sessions may be sold out and the fee is a little higher.