Alfa Romeo Challenge

The Alfa Romeo Challenge. Get blown away by their speed. Age is between the ears (or gears?); a classic Step-nose could be perfectly able to have a modern 156 eat its dust. These are the men and women of genuine racing. Two qualifying practices on Saturday and races both days. On Sunday there is even a one hour race with mandatory pit stop for extra excitement.

Squadra Italia

The Squadra Italia is part of the Dutch National Racing Team (DNRT). They are a group of amateur racing drivers (gentlemen drivers) who enjoy racing with a limited budget. The well-filled grid shows a wide variety of Alfas from the seventies to the newest models. Within the Squadra Italia there are several championships like the 16V TwinSpark Cup, 75TS Cup and 105 Cup.

Special Display

The Special Display is home to a line up of top notch Alfas. You'll see vintage, pristine, rare or even one-off models that you probably only know from pictures in the flesh. The international 6C 2500 Register will present itself. Also the Scuderia del Portello will display their cars with an impressive racing history. And their show will not be limited to the paddock only...


Both days there will be a lecture about the 40 year of history of SCARB. In Dutch only.

Foreign clubs

International contacts have always been important. A group of foreign sister clubs have gathered in tents to present themselves. These presentations are the perfect opportunity to make your Alfa passion boundless. Many Alfisti see the international contacts as the cherry on the pie. Time to meet the neighbours!


For visitors, the pit-boxes and paddock are the most attractive places to be. Normally they are not accessible on racing days. Traditionally during the Spettacolo you have the freedom to go wherever you would like to go (pit-lane excluded). Don't forget to bring your camera with the batteries charged and the memory card emptied, there is such a lot to see.

Top models

The best examples from a number of the club's model registers appear one by one on stage while the owner will explain the most remarkable details of the car. By invitation only.


A part of the pit-box area and paddock are transformed into the Spettacolo esplanade. Here you will find the SCARB club desk and club shop (opens 10 a.m. both days). The shop offers a wide range of Alfa-related clothing and collectibles such as T-shirts, sweaters, umbrellas, pens and some articles to give that special effect to your Alfa Romeo. By request there's also a group of vendors of Italian life style poducts and delicacies. In other pit-boxes, retailers will be selling miniatures, everything you need for car cleaning, books, oils and new and used spares. In one of the pit-boxes a group of scale model collectors will show a wide variety of Alfa miniatures.


Coffee, tea, sodas or beer can be purchased in the Club Cafe. For payment a sponsor card is required which can be obtained in the Club Shop on presentation of an Alfa club membership card. Furthermore catering services on the paddocks have been extended in comparison to previous years.

Grandstands and pit-roof

Take the opportunity to relax and have an overview of a large part of the circuit from the grandstand or the roof of the pit-boxes. From here you can watch the racing cars and all members' Alfas going around the track. For the races and a large number of activities we will provide competent and enthusiastic commentary.